Back in late 2011, whilst the trend of pompadour, quiffs and slick comb backs was quietly making it’s presence known on the sunny island of Singapore, there was one man who found himself stuck in a sticky situation – founder of GoldFingers Company, Terence.T. See, Terence was the ultimate merchandiser’s dream, a demanding consumer who tried and tested almost every available pomade in the market. From the highly raved about classics to the newest releases in the market, Terence dominated most if not all of the products. 

One of the biggest problem he encountered with most of the products was the amount of oil secreted throughout the day when oil-based pomade was used. Due to the humid weather conditions of Singapore, it was close to impossible to mimic the same slick back look rocked by models and celebrities alike in America and Europe.

Undeterred, Terence moved on to water-based pomades; these products claimed for “easy wash-off” whilst giving a “medium to strong hold”. A few more tests of products which received high reviews in the states only proved one point: “It isn’t you, it’s me.

Due to the texture of asian hair – which is coarser than our caucasian counterparts and further reinforced by the fact that it is all-round summer in Singapore, there was no way a water-based pomade could mimic the strength of an oil-based pomade. Half way through the day and the hair starts turning limp and unmanageable. This sparked an interest in Terence; “What if I can formulate something strong, yet water-soluble and with styling flexibility? If it can work on coarse hair in dire weather conditions, it could and should work better in cold climate countries for our friends with fine hair as well”.

Terence spent the next 15 months experimenting and formulating various pomades, pushing pass the boundaries. Despite his lack of experience and knowledge in barbering and hair products R&D, a winning formula was finally contrived.

The secret behind the success of GoldFingers Company lies in a water-activated ingredient which allows restyling throughout the day with a wet comb, without leaving unsightly white flakes behind (as oppose to hair gels). It is also able to withstand high humidity levels which makes it a dream to apply and use in a tropical climate.

In 2015, GoldFingers Company was born – for the modern day gentlemen.